GFRP engineering PSK profiles of construction application
GFRP engineering PSK profiles of construction application are manufactured by continuous pulling of glass materials, preimpregnated with a binder on the basis of polyester resins, through a heated forming die.

PSK profiles are designed for building structures and different products:
- Handrails
- Maintenance platforms – both movable and stationary
- Platforms
- Dielectric ladders
- Other structures
Profiles find application in various industries at temperatures from - 60°C to +155°C.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of profiles:

Advantages: fiberglass reinforced PSK profiles allow solving problems that other materials cannot cope with. They are easily installed, transported, and lifted to the desired height. They also possess high heat-trapping ability and do not emit toxic substances.

Application: fiberglass reinforced PSK profiles are used for manufacturing prefabricated lightweight structures in various industries, municipal infrastructure, construction engineering, power engineering, aqua parks, and other spheres where traditional materials demonstrate some weak points, limited service life and need periodic maintenance.

The assortment of manufactured products:

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