It is possible to manufacture profiles with diameters that correspond to customer individual order.

Electrical profiles are manufactured by continuous pulling of reinforcing material, preimpregnated with epoxy resin binder, through a heated forming die.

Profile (PE) of electrical application has the following diameters:



Physical and mechanical characteristics of profiles:


Diametr (D), mm.

Advantages: the combination of light weight with high mechanical and electrical strength as well as technological effectiveness makes it possible to produce insulators on the base of fiberglass reinforced profiles possessing higher mechanical strength than the ones made of porcelain and glass.

Application: owing to dielectric properties, fiberglass reinforced profiles are widely used in electrical engineering for manufacturing of polymer insulators for electric transmission lines. This profile is the main element that bears tensile and compressive loads in polymer insulators.


Electrical profiles for dry-type transformers are manufactured by continuous pulling of glass reinforcing materials, preimpregnated with polyester binder, through a heated forming die.

Mark of profiles:

Depending on resistance to exposure of high temperatures, F class (up to + 155ºС) and H class (up to + 180ºС) profiles are produced.

According to flammability classification the profiles of HB and V-0 classes (according UL94) are manufactured.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of profiles:

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Advantages: profiles have high electrical properties, increased resistance to heating, resistance to short-term temperature rise, and high physical and mechanical characteristics.

Application: Profiles are used as an interval holder between windings in dry transformers and electric machines, which provides inter-circuit insulation and creates ventilation ducts.

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