Reinforcing glass fiber mesh CCA (glass mesh)

Glass mesh CCA is a web with rectangular cells of fixed size which is made of glass yarns, impregnated with compositions, imparting necessary rigidity and alkali resistance.

It is used as a reinforcing material in a variety of industries:

In construction industry:

- Reinforcing of internal and external layers of plaster, putty, and glue;

- Reinforcing of protective-decorative coating in outdoor systems of facade insulation;

- Reinforcing of screeds for self-leveling floors and waterproofing finishing;

- Reinforcing of mastic waterproofing on the roofs;

⏵ and in manufacturing of:

- Web materials for various purposes

- Abrasive cutting wheels

- Plasterboard building materials.

Fiberglass meshes can be used in all climatic zones.

Fiberglass meshes are available in different brands (depending on the nominal mass of 1m2).

Physical and mechanical properties of fiberglass meshes:

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