Prefabricated structures

Our company offers a range of finished products for application

in all spheres of public life.

Mechanical processing of products made of GFRP profile

⏵   Stationary and mobile circular saws are used for cutting continuous profiles.

⏵   The holes are machined by drilling with diamond or CBN drills.

  Turning, milling, threading can be performed on machines with a cutting speed in the range from 180 to 300 m/min. Cutting instruments equipped with diamond, CBN or corundum inserts are used as machining tools.

  Surface grinding and cleaning are performed using customized machine tools or hand power tools involving the use of abrasive paper or cloth tapes (grit size 40-100), or сarborundum disk.

Installation. Types of connections

There are the following types of joints for pultruded GFRP: glued joints, glued-and-bolted joints and mechanical joints.

⏵   Glued joints are used for gluing fiberglass reinforced plastics to fiberglass reinforced plastics, metals, concrete, wood and foamed plastics.

⏵  Glued-and-bolted joints are used for fixing fiberglass reinforced plastics to fiberglass reinforced plastics, metal and wood. This is the most reliable type of joint. In glued-and-bolted joints the elements to be fixed are installed on uncured glue that subsequently hardens.

Detailed information about the installation, types of joints and additional accessories can be downloaded:

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